Explore Our Bible Correspondence Courses in Illinois

Reading and understanding the Bible gives us more profound knowledge of God’s written Word. It serves as a reminder of His attributes, His promises, and our reliance on Him. Improve your understanding of the scriptures by trying our free Bible correspondence courses in Illinois. They are easy to use and were created with you in mind.

The modules will be mailed to you or sent as an email attachment so you can read them in privacy at home. There are no deadlines; rest assured that you can study at your own pace.

Expand Your Bible Knowledge

Studying the Bible can strengthen your faith and connection with our Creator. Try one of our courses; we will send you Bible-based solutions by email or postal service when you experience spiritual issues or have trouble comprehending any material. Some modules feature self-help quizzes that can improve your understanding of the lessons. We offer:

  • Old Testament Courses
  • New Testament Courses

Our courses will help you understand the biblical pattern of redemption, salvation, and ethics. Get Bible Correspondence Courses International (B.C.C.I.)’s free Bible study courses by mail. Let us know which course you would like to take, along with your name and postal address, and it will be sent to you. Our materials are also available worldwide via email