Free Online Old Testament Courses in Illinois

Come and meet the living God as He introduces Himself to the world and reveals His purpose through His Word. Bible Study Center offers Old Testament courses in Illinois designed to expand your knowledge about the Scriptures and connect you with them. Our personal Bible study courses will empower you, strengthen your faith, and help you deepen your understanding of the Bible at a time and place that suits you.

Why You Should Study the Old Testament

The Old Testament is about the beginning of the story of mankind, prophecies about the coming of Jesus Christ, and redemption. It serves as our foundation to completely understand the Gospel and God’s plan for the world and humanity. In the Old Testament, we will find aspects of Him we’ve never known before, including His holiness, faithfulness, steadfast love, wisdom, and power.

The historical background, law, prophecy, and wisdom of the Jewish people that are revealed in the Old Testament will enrich our lives in different ways. We must trust that, since God declared that the Old Testament needs to be included in the Bible, it has significance in our lives.

Course Objectives

  • Learn the Significance of the Old Testament and Its Application in the Christian Church
  • Know the Story of God’s Interaction with the World
  • Learn the Content and Main Story Line of the Old Testament
  • Comprehend the Historical Background and Theological Concepts in the Old Testament
  • Understand the History of the Composition of the Texts in the Old Testament
  • Identify the Historical and Theological Influences Revealed in the Old Testament